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Click the titles below to discover more about our product offerings


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World Renowned Casting Industry Products

FATA Aluminum is your specialist in the design and construction of innovative industrial aluminum gravity pouring, casting and fettling systems, mainly for automotive products such as cylinder heads, engine blocks and pistons.

FATA Aluminums’ range of products also covers the Lost Foam casting system, from the pattern making to the pouring and finishing as well as the thermal/mechanical regeneration of spent foundry sand.

Our variety of design, fabricate, install services and products are the preferred choice for industry leaders in the global casting market like GM, Montupet, Nemak, Teksid, Tupy and many others.

Gravity Casting

FATA Aluminum gravity casting systems include single casting cells and multiple bench casting systems. The multiple casting systems can be In-Line or Carousel systems, depending on the customers volumes, flexibility needs and space availability.

FATA Aluminum supplies their own pouring, core setting and unloading systems. Gantry devices and robotized solutions, utilizing all main world robot suppliers,are part of FATA Aluminum standards.


Lost Foam Casting

FATA Aluminum is a world leader in Lost Foam Casting. FATA Aluminum has developed their own horizontal and vertical parting pattern making machines, hot gluing machines, dedicated cluster assembly machines and coating equipment.

The Vibration Station, with flask unclamped vertical vibration, is the core of the casting line. The flasks are cylinderical with movement on powered roller conveyors, or on pallets moving on free rollers by hydraulic cylinders.

Sand re-circulation and and if required thermal sand regeneration are also part of our know how.


Fettling and Pre-Finishing

FATA Aluminum has developed their own dedicated or universal Pre-Finishing devices, such as:

  • Devices for automatic removal of external cores, static or dynamic.
  • Runners and gating systems removal, shear or saw type (disc or band).
  • Complete internal decoring machines with hammering and strong vibration, mainly for cylinder heads and engine blocks.
  • Casting cooling systems, with forced air, batch or continuous, for heads and blocks, and with water for pistons.
  • Riser cutting systems, with disc or band saw.
  • All the handling systems between the various working stations are part of our know how, with conveyors and robots, included the handling of scrap materials such as spent sand or aluminum cut parts.


Sand Regeneration

FATA Aluminum is a world leader in sand regeneration systems.

We engineered systems for thermal sand regeneration with different shape and heat recovery to suit all the Customers needs. Our products covers the range between 0.5 tons/hour to 12 tons/hour. Thermal regeneration is the typical treatment for organic resins-bonded used sand.

FATA Aluminum has also developed its own mechanical sand regeneration system, consisting in a pneumatic attrition machine followed by a dedusting and sand conditioning device. The mechanical treatment is necessary to treat all the spent sand coming from green sand processes. In this case the treatment is a mixed one with mechanical + thermal + mechanical.

FATA Aluminum supplies turn key systems, starting from sand preparation, such as crushing and drying, through to final sand conditioning, both in terms of fines content and sand temperature.